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Black Marble


Swain Auction Co. is committed to blending the timeless charm of traditional auctions with modern marketing techniques, bringing you the best of both worlds in an ever-evolving market. With a diverse portfolio that encompasses business liquidations, benefit auctions, and real estate/estate sale auctions, we cater to a wide spectrum of clients, from individuals and trustees seeking estate management solutions to large enterprises looking to unburden their assets.


In today's world, market uncertainty has become a constant companion. Supply chain shortages, inflation, and fluctuating economic conditions can cast shadows of doubt on the true value of assets. At Swain Auction Co., we understand that navigating such treacherous waters can be challenging. That's why we believe auctions are a beacon of clarity in times of ambiguity. Mason "Hank Swain" Duncan is a licensed second-generation auctioneer who leverages his industry connections and expertise to champion your interests. We work tirelessly to provide a tailored approach to selling your assets, ensuring that you not only receive fair market value but also a clear understanding of where your assets stand in the current market landscape.


At Swan Auction Co., we believe that auctions are an American tradition, but they need not be confined to the past. We use cutting-edge technology to reach a broad spectrum of buyers, bringing the timeless allure of auctions into the modern age. Whether it's an online auction, an in-person event, or a simulcast extravaganza, we determine the most suitable auction format for your unique needs, all in the pursuit of maximizing the value of your sale.


In every case, Swain Auction Co. prides itself on its meticulous, case-by-case approach. We understand that every auction is unique, and we tailor our services to match your goals and expectations. When you entrust your assets to us, you can rest assured that your interests are at the forefront of our strategy.


Join us at Swain Auction Co. as we continue the legacy of auctions, blending tradition with innovation, and providing you with a trusted partner in an ever-changing market. Let us be your beacon of clarity in times of market uncertainty, and your champion in the world of auctions.

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